Our Label is called LEagua. We´re from Potsdam and handcraft transformable jewelry and accessories with steel and magnets. LEagua is basically a module system. Each pieces works as a jewelry or accessory piece on its own. But it can also be connected with another pieces through hidden magnets to create a new function and style. That way each customer can easily create his own piece and make a multifunctional set with only three pieces. With three pieces for example you could have a pair of earrings, three necklaces and a bracelet for instance. We also combine the steel chains with amorph structires such as volcano stone, coral and fool´s gold (pyrit). We already had three collections. With each collection the module system grows. New pieces are always combinable with older styles. We goldplate, galvanised and blue our steelchains by hand. Our style is very clean, timeless and elegant. It approaches to a wide range of people due to its possibilities of individualisation.