Est by S


EST by S – about the joy of being yourself.


“ ‘I feel so much like myself in this dress’ – this is probably one of the most beautiful sentences that I have heard from a client standing in front of the mirror. This is my brand’s informal motto. My goal: to design so that women feel good in their own skin. Create clothes that will give them a lot of joy, a sense of security, will support them in their everyday moments of work and pleasure, ”says Gosia Sobiczewska, founder and designer of the brand EST by S. She has created hit in 2010. Since that time she turn creative visions into perfectly functional prêt-à-porter. This is truly an original fashion in service of everyday life. The offer is designed for women who seek authentic and timeless outfits for many occasion. Yes, you can have one dress and style it in different ways – by adding a colored belt, rolling up your sleeves, changing the arrangement of the neckline. I design clothes so that they fit different silhouettes”.

 The EST by S collections seduce both with little details and outstanding tailoring. It is the classics but with a distinguishable character nonetheless. What may seem as a simple form of a skirt, a coat, a shirt, or a dress certainly draws attention with a delicate drepery, an intriguing trimming, a hidden pattern, or a crafty cutting. Nothing is simply obvious here. But every piece is of great use and created especially for the female silhouette.

The EST by S designer Gosia Sobiczewska has graduated from the Faculty of Textile and Fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She has got many years of experience in the fashion industy. Currently, she is focusing on the development of the brand. She specializes in styling individual clients and public persons. She works on TV shows, advertising shootings, fashion shows and other events.

 Also: designs theatre costumes (the French version of Janusz Głowacki’s drama ‘The Fourth Sister’, Théâtre Sylvia Monfort in Paris), finalist of the Designer of the Year #BEGin DESIRE 2014 and Design Alive Award 2016.

Educational projects in which she participated: The International Visage and Makeup School (FAM) in Nice, The Design Departament of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Dusseldorf, SAPU Cracow Fashin Week. From 2018 to 2020 she published columns in DA Magazin.