Dean | Zane


DEAN | ZANE – sustainably produced designs for individualists.
In casual cool clothes with individual style you rock the streets. But DEAN | ZANE wants to
dress more stylish than you – our sustainably produced clothes should also make the world a
little better. We believe in fair production conditions,
100% sustainable materials and Berlin local fashion.

Fashion by DEAN | ZANE aims to convince:
Minimalist individuality, your values and emotions are fully expressed in stylish designs.
Theme collections with limited-edition clothing are a source of thought. What else has value in
our modern society? Which place do I want to take? What contribution can I make? From the
rst needlestick to the nal sale, the heads live and breathe behind DEAN | ZANE Sustainability,
environmental awareness and fair cooperation at the regional level.

D E A N | Z A N E mixes art, design in a unique way and gives you a comfortable feeling. We set
trends with our suistainable production and we proof that eco fashion can still be more then