Established in Berlin in 2013, DAMUR is an international fashion label creating innovative, expressive and wearable collections for men and women. Our clothing and accessories are both groundbreaking and timeless, merging bold conceptual inquiry into art, culture and technology with an ethos of functional simplicity. No, we are not about mainstream clothes, but we do have a ready-to-wear fashion story to tell every season. Our design process is ambitious, strict and analytical. It is also inspired, intuitive and expressive. Combining classic garment techniques with experimental methods and the newest in textile science, we make clothing and accessories that imbue elegance with functionality, austerity with indulgence and comfort with avant-garde style. Our fashion philosophy spans the pragmatic and the surreal. DAMUR designs question routines and challenge the rules. DAMUR men and women are confident, independent, creative pragmatists who want their fashion to tell their story in a way that leaves part of it to the imagination.